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Public liability insurance As a broker which specialises in public liability insurance we can provide an online quote from multiple insurers such as MMA Insurance, Fortis Insurance and Groupama, all of which are well known companies which have been providing liability cover for many years. Our automated quotation systems search for the best quote so you don't have to! Just sit back and let us find you the cheapest insurance with the best cover for your requirements, could it be any easier?

When arranging a quotation for your liability insurance with regards to any injury you cause to a member of the public during the course of your occupation or any property damage you cause you should make sure you take into account every activity you undertake to make sure you receive cover which will be sufficient for the full scope of your business activities.

Public liability insurance quote

The low cost quotation you will be provided with will depend on several factors ranging from your experience in the trade, years trading and the your actual occupation. A claims history can have a huge impact on your quote, many insurers will decline an application for insurance if you have had a large liability claim in the past.

Liability insurance generally provides cover for any injury which a member of the public receives which you are liable for (due to your negligence) during the course of your occupation, for example if you were a builder and left tools on the ground which someone then fell over and sustained an injury; the medical, legal and compensation costs in such a incident can be huge, especially with the increase in 'no win no fee' legal companies.

Another major part of your public liability insurance is cover for property damage you cause, a typical example would be if you were a roofer and accidently knocked a tool off the roof which hit an expensive ornament, again such costs to repair or replace the item could be very large compared to the low cost of an insurance policy.