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Landlords insurance uk property Welcome to landlords insurance UK, we specialise in providing competitive landlords insurance in the UK with comprehensive cover to make sure your important investments are covered should the unexpected occur. We understand that as a landlord you do not have time to search around for the best landlords insurance policy which is why we as a broker provide quotations from several household name insurers at a time to save you the time and hassle of searching around each different insurer yourself.

Because we specialise in landlords insurance we are able to provide extremely low cost quotations from well known insurers for your peace of mind. We can provide instant online quotes for landlords building insurance which is obviously crucial since the properties you own are probably the biggest investment you have. When insuring a property it is important to insure it for the rebuild value and not the sale value since the insurer will only pay the value upto the rebuild cost should the worst happen. The rebuild value is usually lower than the sale price so it would obviously result in cheaper landlords insurance to insure the property for the correct value.

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We understand that sometimes a landlord will want to have their contents and buildings insured seperately which is why we provide online quotations for contents only landlords insurance inside of the UK from authorised and regulated insurers. Because we concentrate on landlords insurance we are able to provide cover which you wouldn't normally find from a standard landlords contents insurance such as the inclusion of property owners liability insurance(each policy varies and you should read the keyfacts/policy wording to make sure it includes the cover you require). For those who run their own business they may be interested in our public liability insurance which can be provided at extremely low prices.

When arranging a landlords insurance policy you will probably want to make sure it includes property owners liability as standard to protect yourself should your tenant incur an injury within your property and holds you liable or similar. Obviously such claims could be very high and if you don't have insurance in place then you could end up paying all the legal costs and such like yourself. As a responsible landlord you will want to initiate landlords insurance as soon as possible to protect both yourself and your properties or contents against the unexpected.