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Landlords buildings insurance house Because we are a broker specialising in landords building insurance we can provide competitive online quotations from several household name insurers for your peace of mind. We understand that as a landlord you don't have much time to search around on the internet for cheap landlords building insurance which is why we have dedicated our time and effort to concentrate on this market. As standard some policies include property owners liability to provide cover should your tenant injure themselves within your property and hold you liable.

When arranging a landlords buildings insurance policy it is important to remember that you need only insure the property for its re-instatement value and not the sale price which is often higher. The best way to find out what the re-instatement value is would be to have a professional survey performed on the building, although there are tools online which can offer an estimate as to the correct value you should be insuring your property for. The rebuild value of the property is usually lower than the sale price which means you will be insuring a lower value and ultimately gaining a cheap landlords building insurance.

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Many landlords will have a mortgage on their property(s) and the lender will usually insist that a landlords buildings insurance policy is in place before they release any funds simply to protect their financial interest in the property. Failure to have your property insured could result in a huge financial loss should the worst happen to your property such as fire, flood or earthquake. As a responsible landlord you should arrange landlords buildings insurance as soon as possible. You may find that our landlord insurance policies are some of the lowest around and put your mind at rest that we have high quality cover.

Before purchasing a property it is highly recommend that you have a full structual survey to check the property for subsidence and other structual problems. Failure to have a survey could mean you buy the property unaware of structual problems which can make it difficult to arrange a landlords building insurance and can mean it is a less secure investment.